The Team

Bibi-Aisha WadvallaIOL Radio Head & Producer/Presenter: During her schooldays, Bibi-Aisha was intensely involved in drama and public-speaking. Her classmates voted that she would become a famous broadcaster. However, she chose to pursue her love for science, majoring in Physiology & Microbiology. At university, she was elected Media Officer of the SRC. This allowed her to indulge her passion for media. But journalism proved to be a higher calling. After deciding to leave contact-based university and study through correspondence, she joined a community radio station on a holiday stint. She has dabbled in print media, but radio simply seduced her. She then went on to serve as a senior news anchor at a World Space station, Channel Islam International. A year-long sojourn in Egypt saw her working for the award-winning website There she combined her love for writing and radio, broadcasting a talk show via audio-streaming. After being sent to Lebanon after the war on assignment, Bibi-Aisha had an epiphany and realised journalism was her calling. In November 2007, she landed her dream job of presenting a current affairs show at SAfm (South Africa’s national radio station). In January 2009 she returned to Egypt where she now heads up IOL Radio.

Bassel SamirTechnical Producer

Abdallah FaragSound Engineer

Emmy Abdul AlimProducer/Presenter: Emmy has lived and worked in her native Singapore, as well as London and the Netherlands. She received a BA English & European Studies (National University of Singapore) and BA Arabic & Islamic Studies (School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London). Emmy has a decade of experience in planning, producing and managing arts projects, working with such organisations as the National Arts Council (Singapore), The Necessary Stage (Singapore), National Museum of Singapore and Dende Collective (London). Most recently she is a founding member of Aenimae, a performing arts platform based in The Hague, the Netherlands. Emmy is interested in cultural aggregations, negotiations and appropriations, with a specific gaze on Islam and the Muslim world. In her sparest of times she designs Islam & Muslim t-shirts & gifts.

Mohammed HashemProducer/Presenter: Mohammed Hashem has always been a writer, and student of the Arts. He had his first piece of writing published in the Australian Herald Sun in 1998. In 1999 he went on an expedition into the social sciences and humanities at La Trobe University. There, he developed into a student of Sociology, Politics, Linguistics, Literature and French. Graduating in 2001 from the School of Media, Mohammed went on a travel sequence  which saw him in Paris, London, Egypt and all over Rural Australia, in search of inspiration and development of written expression. In 2002 he started work with a Public Relations firm in Melbourne, while keeping up with freelance writing in many different fields. Writing for fashion and interior design led him to a specific role with Telstra, Australian Telecommunications. As writing became his field of expertise, he continued writing for ABC Radio and returned to study at the University of Melbourne. His return saw him expanding his networks of musicians and actors which contributed to his involvement in cinema-focussed projects. His final project before leaving Australia to develop a base in Egypt was a collaboration with Mojo Advertising and Victorian Films Institute, Australia. The project was an involvement of political ideology integrated with the use of animation.

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