World Uncovered: Pakistan, Palestinan Nakba, European Parliamentary Elections & Press Freedom

World Uncovered: Bibi-Aisha Wadvalla rounds up news from the past week, including the situation in Pakistan, South Africa’s Palestine Solidarity Committee marking the Nakba, and Emmy Abdul Alim speaks to the Muslim Council of Britain about the European Parliamentary Elections. Our guests are Talat Ahmed, Aamir Latiff, Natasha Vally, and Naila Hamdy.

Gaza 2009: We Will Never Forget

Remembering 1948: Interview with 3 Palestinians forced out of their homeland

“Our grandparents still carry the keys to their homes, hoping that they will go back one day.”

Minority Report: In our continuing focus on Palestine in this week when we remember the catastrophe of 1948, Mohammed Hashem meets three Palestinians and they tell us of their right of return, their unwavering resistance and national struggle. Our guests are Saif Abu Keskek, Najwa and Haja Fatima.

Palestine Festival of Literature: Interview with Ahdaf Soueif

Arts & Culture: Emmy Abdul Alim talks to Ahdaf Soueif about the Palestine Festival of Literature. 17 acclaimed international authors and publishing heavyweights work with Palestinians in this important exchange. The festival is on from 23-28 May 2009 across Palestine. Find out more at, or follow PalFest on twitter. You can also find them on facebook. While the festival is on, follow daily authors blogs and see photos from the events.

We’ve also covered the festival for’s arts and culture pages. Read the article here.

What does the Nakba mean to young Palestinians around the world?

Voices of Our Tomorrow: Mohammed Hashem speaks to young Palestinians in Australia, the United Kingdom and in Gaza about what the Nakba means to them, and what it means for them to be Palestinian. This programme is one of many on‘s special coverage this week leading up to 15th May. takes a closer look at the stories and issues surrounding al-Quds.