Islamic Religious Education in Singapore

Minority Report: We talk to Dr Mukhlis Abu Bakar, Razak Mohamed Lazim, Nailul Hafiz and Yusof Kassim about Islamic Religious Education in Singapore, and focus on one madrasah, al-Irsyad al-Islamiyyah. Singapore is a secular country with a Muslim population of about 15%. Most young people attend mainstream government schools, but madrasah education is increasingly gaining importance within the Malay/Muslim population. al-Irsyad al-Islamiyyah has gained some prominence because of its mix of Islamic and “secular” curriculum – it teaches students the regular mainstream arts, humanities and sciences, as well as focusses on Islamic education with the teaching of Qur’an, Hadith, Tawheed, Akhlaq etc. Find out more by tuning in.


In Defence of the Arts for Muslims

Arts & Culture: We speak with Shaheryar Ali in Pakistan about the state of the arts in Pakistan in the face of increasing fear of Taliban rule and influence. Then we meet Uzma Mirza in the USA who speaks about her spiritual art, and throws us an interesting perspective – Is the Taliban like the Ku Klux Klan? Read Shaheryar’s blog and visit Uzma’s spiritual art.

World Uncovered: Pakistan, Palestinan Nakba, European Parliamentary Elections & Press Freedom

World Uncovered: Bibi-Aisha Wadvalla rounds up news from the past week, including the situation in Pakistan, South Africa’s Palestine Solidarity Committee marking the Nakba, and Emmy Abdul Alim speaks to the Muslim Council of Britain about the European Parliamentary Elections. Our guests are Talat Ahmed, Aamir Latiff, Natasha Vally, and Naila Hamdy.

Want to hear Stories of the Prophets?

Stories of the Prophets: Two stories of Prophet Musa, presented by Mohammed Hashem and Emmy Abdul Alim.

New Muslim Cool and Echoes of the Lost Boys of Sudan

Arts & Culture show: Emmy Abdul Alim talks to producer/director of documentary “New Muslim Cool“, Jennifer Maytorena Taylor. “New Muslim Cool” follows the life of Puerta Rican American Muslim rapper Hamza Perez. Also find out more about the graphic novel “Echoes of the Lost Boys of Sudan” with illustrator and artist Niki Singleton. As usual, we give you a brief listing of what’s going on in the world of arts and culture.

Welcome to IOL Radio!

Leading up to our selection of full programming, IOL Radio presents a taste of what’s to come.

Welcome to Islam: Emmy Abdul Alim talks to Erin Shevchuk, a young Muslim convert and youth leader from British Columbia, Canada. Erin is involved in the upcoming 2nd Annual Regional Muslim Youth Conference in Surrey, Canada. Its website is

Tune in to the interview!  Welcome to Islam – with Erin Shevchuk

Arts World: We talk to our correspondent in Qatar, Fatima Asmal, about the 5th al-Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival, on from 13-16 April 2009, and with Lina Attalah about the “Take to the Sea” project involving illegal migration of young Egyptian men by sea to the UK. A documentary will be presented on 22nd April at AUC’s old campus in Downtown Cairo, Egypt.We also give you a brief listing of what’s happening in the world of arts and culture.

Listen in! Arts World – 5th al-Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival and “Take to the Sea” project