Is Facebook Killing “Real” Social Interaction?!

Voices of Our Tomorrow: Mohammed Hashem seems to have a bone to pick – with Facebook. Like the Indonesian clerics who gathered to talk about the pros and cons, halal-ness and haram-ness of this ever-popular and growing online social networking site, Mohammed Hashem has a facebook account but can’t quite put his finger on what it is that bothers him so much about Fb. Could it be the endless array of pictures of posing men and women grabbing visual attention, the 24/7 “invasion” into the tiniest moments of the “status” of your daily lives, or just merely this new wave of mindless quizzes that’s circulating? He speaks to young people to get at this gnawing feeling – Facebook: What’s your verdict?

Our guests are Mohammed Ziyaad Hassen, Widad Sirkhotte and Professor Jensen.


Voices of Our Tomorrow: India: Where to Now?

Voices of Our Tomorrow: Mohammed Hashem speaks to young Indians Arshads Said and Arched Rizwan about the recently concluded Indian elections.

What does the Nakba mean to young Palestinians around the world?

Voices of Our Tomorrow: Mohammed Hashem speaks to young Palestinians in Australia, the United Kingdom and in Gaza about what the Nakba means to them, and what it means for them to be Palestinian. This programme is one of many on‘s special coverage this week leading up to 15th May. takes a closer look at the stories and issues surrounding al-Quds.

Indian Elections – voice your thoughts and feelings

Help us complete the picture – we’re putting together our audio coverage for the Indian elections, and looking for a diversity of voices. If you’re interested in appearing on our audio coverage on (especially if you’re voting!), get in touch with us at, or find us on Twitter, username iolradio. We’ll hear from you soon in sha Allah!

Voices of Our Tomorrow: Education, Shaping Our Understanding

Voices of Our Tomorrow: In our dedicated youth show, Mohammed Hashem looks at education systems in Australia and Egypt with guests Denise Degraves, Zoe Cafarella and Walid Yaser. Listen in to the show right here.