Do you believe in finding a spouse online?

Muslim marriage websites have proliferated in recent years. No longer seen as a social stigma for those unable to find a marriage partner, these sites have become social networking sites and are viewed as perfectly acceptable in today’s times. Success stories can be found on each site, and it’s made to look very easy. But is it? Is putting one’s profile online in the hope that someone with similar interests will find one, a recipe for success. Does widening the net really reel in more fish? Can one click with a person one has never met, and if so, will that compatibility carry over in a real life meeting?

Often on matrimonial sites, the person’s profile is just as important as the picture. But yet, those who don’t make their pictures public, receive little or no response. And for those with great profiles, but whose pictures are deemed unattractive, the response rate is also far less. Does being online build, or destroy one’s self-image?

Is parental involvement important during the process?

We’d love to hear your answers to these questions, and more.

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Let us know your views, and please remember to include your telephone details so we can call you to participate!

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  1. Salam,

    From my personal experience, there are benefits from online matrimonial services. With its borderless and virtual features, what were offered in the services might be attracting many to find the right guy to spend their entire life with. For candidates, please be sincere to yourself and others if you are mentally and physically ready to take the challenge of cross cultural and cross boundary marriage, what does it require for such relationship to last in happiness and peace. Maturity and wisdom are extremely required. Above all, marriage is a bounty and a drop of heaven perfume.

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