What is the significance of your mosque in your life?

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During the blessed month of Ramadan, mosques are filled with worshipers around the clock. A common scene is the mosque overcrowded with people who usually resort to the neighboring streets or buildings to join the Prayer.

In Ramadan, people go to mosques not only to pray but also to benefit from the services provided there.

For example, some mosques arrange for sessions on and competitions in tajweed (rules of Qur’anic recitation) and hold daily circles to enlighten Muslims about their religious and social duties. Added to these are the usual everyday activities of helping the poor and providing the needy with food.

Take a moment and tell us:

– What is the name of the mosque where you perform your Prayers? And Where is it located?

– Do you attend any cultural or religious gatherings at the mosque? If yes, how can you describe these events?

– How do you evaluate the role of mosques as cultural meeting points in your country?


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